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HP Mini 110

Written by Angel Macias

If you own one this little machine the first thing you have to confirm is your hardware since this machine has 2 hardware configuration, but this is up to luck, mine has:

  • Intel Atom n455 1.66 GHz processor (1 core with 2 threads)
  • 320 GB Sata 2 Hdd 7200 rpm
  • 1 GB ram 1333 MHz
  • Realtek Rtl8188ce wifi card (Not working)
  • Realtek Ethernet port (Not working)

Ok first of you will need:

  1.  A computer already running osx (if you don’t have one ask a friend you will only need it once)
  2. A 10.6 retail disk or image, (this only work with the retail image)
  3. You also will need the NetbookInstaller, always use the latest version you can find it here: , you will only need this to update you system up to a working point after the install
  4. You will also need the Nawcom ModUsb (search for it Google is you friend)
  5. An USB memory stick with at least 8 GB
  6. A lot of patience =)

Let’s begin

I recommend you to keep windows, I recommend you installing paragon partition manager and backup you restore partition of windows, then format it an resize so you can give at lease 50 GB which I recommend, but its entirely up to you, and then continue with all of the steps. The partition must be fat32 for osx to recognize it.

  1. On the computer already running osx, insert you disk or image of the retail snow leopard, and put you USB.
  2. Open up disk utility, and on the left panel select you USB, go the option restore, in the source you are going to put you 10.6 image, and in destiny you USB, then click restore.
  3. Once the restore is done, you are going to open up the installation of the ModUsb, and select the newly restored USB to install on. Once this is done you will not need the osx running computer you can turn it of =)
  4. Ok so now on the HP Mini, put the USB on, power on the computer and press F9 to choose a boot device. Select the USB to boot from; you should be received with a chameleon kind of screen. (Nawcom Version)
  5. When you get to that point you will see all you partition, but select the USB, you will recognize it because it will have an apple =).
  6. You will not need any boot flags for this if you did all the right way, if you did you will be greeted with the snow leopard language selection screen , select the language you want and continue.
  7. Now before you continue you have to do to Utilities  Disk Utility, and on the left panel select the partition select the partition which you want to use for snow, then go to the Erase option of it, name it whatever you want , select Mac Os X (Journaled) as format, and the click erase. Once done you can close the disk utility.
  8. No continues you installation, in some point you will be asked to select the drive you want to install snow leopard, at this point go to customize (bottom left), and deselect printer compatibility, additional languages you don’t need, check the x11 and quick time 7 checkbox (you can skip this step but its better if you do it for compatibility), leave all other options alone, since ModUsb selected them for you.
  9. Ok now continue to the installation, it will take 20 to 30 min tops, when you are done your computer will restart, take of the USB at this point (it may cause kernel panic because USB ports don’t function at this point).
  10. If everything is done right you will only have to select the snow leopard partition when chameleon comes up, if everything is alright you will be greeted with the first setup steps of mac osx.fill everything up and reach you desktop.

Congratulations: you now have Snow Leopard installed!

Well you now have Snow Leopard, but as you can see not everything is working; you will not have QE/CI, Ethernet, Wifi, USB ports etc.

This is when your Windows partition will come in handy: restart and log in to it, from here install Mac drive to it Google again for it =), once its done download the 10.6.7 combo update from apple, and the netbook installer, also you will need TonyMac Multibeast and 10.7.0 legacy kernel with google you will find it. Copy them to the Mac partition, try to look for the Downloads folder and paste them there.

Now log of windows and enter Mac =), run multibeast, you will only need this to update the voodoohda.kext so do that and also install kext utility b7 and the show all application they will come handy, once done run the 10.6.7 combo update *(10.6.8 give kernel panic an you will have to start all over again so don install that) once the update is done don’t restart, install the 10.7.0 legacy kernel and once done restart.

If done right you will get to your desktop, if you restarted without installing the legacy kernel you wont be able to boot Mac but don’t worry you can copy it from you windows partition =).

Ok so now run the netbook installer, it will ask for you password and all once it’s done, do not restart!! , go you your hard drive and in you extra folder you will find that mach_kernel was installed by the netbook installer, and that is the correct one so delete the legacy_kernel (he has serve his purpose xp) you may also find a legacy_kernel.old there delete that too. Now you can restart =).

When you reach your desktop again you will find that USB ports are detected, graphics too without QE/CI, and this should be a very workable with Mac mini.

Realtek Ethernet and Rlt8188ce wifi does not work, and I haven’t found a way to make it if you do please tell me =) I hope that this is of any help to you.



To Nawcom for his awesome tools Modcd and ModUsb.

To TonyMac for Multibeast which is a huge time saver.

To Meklort for the netbookinstaller which rocks!

21st November, 2011 @ 9:44 pm by Kevin Simon

Does it anyone works? My model has 3G-HSPA modem, anyway to work? Graphics is 800×600 or works in 1024×600?

(Sorry my bad language, I’m hungarian)

26th November, 2011 @ 10:12 pm by KiiM USER

for the wifi; Its a Toshiba C660-11H. Just to add.

3rd December, 2011 @ 10:02 pm by Blibbler

I mostly followed these instructions to get 10.6.7 installed on my HP 210-3000 with an Atom N570. The main difference is I stopped before running netbook installer (as it seems to mess up the system for some reason). You need to use MultiBeast to rollback the USB drivers, so you get USB under 10.6.7. I also got Wifi to work with IO80211Family.kext (there are about half a dozen different versions of that kext… keep trying until you find the right one.) It is far from perfect. The screen doesn’t dim, the system doesn’t sleep, and the sound is always at full volume, but it has wifi, USB and OSX. I figure I’m sure at least some of those problems could be fixed with enough fiddling, but i have a system that is more than usable, and I don’t want to meddle with it too much.

4th December, 2011 @ 10:19 pm by Matthias

Thank You!
I’ve installed it on my HP Mini 110-3102sg. Ethernet works fine.
Maybe I’m going to buy another wifi card (

29th December, 2011 @ 7:40 pm by zapple

Hello Angel.
Can you post the “netbookinstaller” version and where can we find “10.7.0 legacy kernel”?
Thank you very much

14th January, 2012 @ 9:45 am by In to get the wifi Hackintosh-mini HP cannot connect to internet..
thank you

29th January, 2012 @ 6:45 am by hactiv8

hi what version of netbook installer is it

15th February, 2012 @ 8:41 am by TK
11th May, 2012 @ 4:32 am by james

Ya my mouse doesn’t work anymore on HP mini 110 the computer doesn’t even read it anymore

30th July, 2012 @ 2:14 am by JD


Thats is a issue with your DSDT. Install the Voodoo Trackpad Kext.

Use a USB mouse it should work to fix it.

8th October, 2012 @ 1:54 am by PinkZebra

What if we don’t have a windows partition? Can we skip the step installing “Mac drive it”?

8th October, 2012 @ 2:09 am by PinkZebra

Edit to the above comment. What do I do to get multibeast onto the computer without a windows partition???

19th November, 2012 @ 5:49 am by Ryan

How long should this install take? I have a Mini 110-1030CA and it seems to crash when I get to the [ PCI configuration begin ] step

30th March, 2013 @ 12:56 pm by Nasir


I’m wondering if I can install mac in my HP MINI 110-4112TU version in this way!

Please answer quickly so that I can start my work from now.

Thanks to all!

23rd February, 2014 @ 8:43 pm by Donnie

i cant get past step 5 when i put my usb in the mini and hit f9 it just has the flashing white bar and does nothing. idk if i mounted it wrong or what

29th March, 2014 @ 2:11 pm by Hackintosh Instructions & Tutorials Snow Leopard 10.6

[...] Leopard on a Dell Mini 9, Dell Mini v10, HP Mini 1000 and HP Mini 110-3710 - Detailed and [...]

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I had high expectations, but they rubbed awful blisters on my heels the first time I wore them


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