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Asustek Computer, makers of the populat Eee PC netbooks, has lowered its Q3 netbook shipments target for this year, apparently due to increasing competition from the iPad.

Whilst we do appreciate that the iPad is a compelling device and certainly has its uses, does it really stack up against netbooks that run Mac OS X? Certainly the iPad has an attractive form factor and a certain wow-factor, but we’d argue the netbook surpasses the iPad in terms of functionality, a tactile keyboard, and not to mention price!

If you’ve been faced with the iPad vs netbook with OS X decision, let us know what factors made you decide.

18th August, 2010 @ 12:34 am by Lukas

One important factor: the price.
My Netbook costed me about €230, half the price of an iPad.
On the other hand: The iPad has 4 times the battery life of my netbook. Also the eBook feature is great.
In the end I got an AOA150 with OS X and Win7 before the iPad was released, so I didn’t really have to make a decision.
I’d probably choose the netbook again because sometimes I have to use Windows and don’t want it on my desktop pc.

18th August, 2010 @ 2:17 am by Tom K

The Netbook to OSX project has fascinated me for a long time. I was just about ready to dive into it when my wife (wonderful) gave me an iPad.
If this were not the case, I would still have gotten the Netbook and converted it to OSX. I then probably would have purchased the iPad next year.
I consider the Netbook/OSX a hobby item at this point. The iPad is a screamer and does what it is supposed to do very well. I like the idea that iOS will be here in a few months.
So then, I guess I prefer the iPad but will go both ways in time.

18th August, 2010 @ 3:06 am by Benjamin

while the ipad is an amazing device; it does have its limitations, even with it being jailbroken; also price is a factor also and the likely hood that many people like to dual boot the mac OSX and windows 7 operating systems in which you have a full fledge operating systems not a mobile OS an phisical keyboard and trackpad/mouse are very nice to have if your going to be using the device for a log time; bottom line is that if your wanting to read an ebook; browse the web/ reply to a couple emails check weather or use the device for a short amount of time but if your going to do some serious/ long term computer work then a netbook is the thing to use.

18th August, 2010 @ 4:51 am by Cw

I had a hackintosh Dell mini. Hardly touched it in 2 months because doing anything was a chore. Sold it and got an iPad that i rarely put down and use more than my Macbook.

6th September, 2010 @ 1:38 am by Roym

I’m writing this from my iPad so my vote is obvious. I also have a Dell mini 10v, but the lack of battery life and small screen keep me from using it. Once iOS 4 is on the iPad, the Dell will be collecting dust.

28th September, 2010 @ 1:51 am by Jim Smith

I developed a FileMaker application that runs on both Mac and PC, and I created a Dell 10v Hackintosh to test the Mac version. This little machine grows on you…it’s small, fast, attractive and rugged. At a total cost of around $400 with the additional RAM to bring it up to 2GB, it’s inexpensive enough so that I don’t feel that I have to baby it, and I haul it around everywhere.
My only complaint is battery life, but I purchased extra AC Adapters and have them stationed at work, home, office, and I’ve never had a real problem.
I’ve never been tempted to purchase an IPad.

Jim Smith
El Gato Software

22nd October, 2010 @ 9:02 am by Vincent

When I left France for 6 months to a year in Australia, it was in June this year, I was about to buy an iPad. Macuser since I was born, it was obvious for me that it was a very good option for keeping in touch with my family, updating my blog, and dealing with my photos, IF I’d also buy the USB adaptor, AND IF I’d jailbreak it in order to use it with any kind of USB input (camera, keyboard, mouse, …) AND IF i’d wait for a apps that enables me to use a webcam AND IF I’d buy a webcam (to Skype with family and friends).
Moreover, months backpacking in Australia and Asia doesn’t always mean that I’d have been able to keep “the precious” in a good shape until the end of the trip.
So, I finally bought a Dell Mini 1012, installed MacOS 10.6.3, thanks to this website, and had a not-that-bad MacNetBook for €300.
Obviously, it’s not that smooth, I don’t have Quartz Extreme, but I can surf, email, watch movies, update my blog, chat and webcam with my relatives, sort my photos (with Picasa, I didn’t expect iPhoto to run well on this machine), do everything I want very easily.
And when, finally, I tried to send an email with an iPad, it was sooooo terrific and wasting my time that I was sure I did the good choice!
I don’t regret my choice, at all.

15th November, 2010 @ 9:21 am by Josh

I recently picked up a white Dell 10v with 160gb hard drive, 2gb ram, 6 cell battery (9 hours), 1.3 megapixel webcam, all for $350.00CAD and couldn’t be happier. That is less then half the price of the starting iPad here. I’m a content creator, so I need a keyboard, coda, photoshop, etc. and I skype so the webcam is essential. i can easily plug in my camera, usb memory sticks, scanner, or external hard drives. this thing is small and light and doesn’t slow me down. if the iPad ran a full version of OS X then i *might* have been tempted, but until that day i’ll stick with a device I can use to create not just consume. my 27″ iMac is great when at my desk, but this gem gets used on my bed and on the go. so glad i got it.

24th January, 2011 @ 6:55 pm by Dave

I have to vote Dell Mini. I’ve used iPads in the store but it just can’t compare to what the full fledged SL OS can do. I don’t see batt life as an issue even with the standard battery, 2 hrs of work is fine for me before plugging in.

Maybe iPad 2x will sway me, waiting to see, but cost is a huge issue for that thing in my books, and I also own a new gen Macbook Pro.

18th February, 2011 @ 11:45 pm by Amacx86

Having had both (MSI wind running Leopard and the pad), I have to say that the iPad represents a real threat to the entire concept of a laptop computer, let alone the netbook category.

For many years, I’ve used both a PDA and a Laptop. The iPad capably replaces both devices. It’s very easy to use a docked or bluetooth tactile keyboard with the iPad if you wish, and yet undock the iPad and use it as an ebook reader or to surf the web as a stand alone device.

Battery life far exceeds that of any netbook I’ve used as well.

For several years now the sale of desktop computers has been pressured by laptops as people sought to have a mobile computing experience available to them.

I suspect that the advent of the iPad will result in a reversal in this trend as laptop/netbook sales fall and people revert back to using high horsepower desktops at home combined with tablets for portability.

11th March, 2011 @ 2:17 pm by Yuai

I have a very random netbook, with no name on it ( my brother got it from his work)…
Anyway, I need to run Mac OS X on it so if someone has any instructions that aren’t brand specific, I would really apreciate the advice.

14th March, 2011 @ 12:06 am by JohnHop

My main issue is the fact you cannot download on the go with iPad or any iOS device.
Or am I mistaken? This for me is an enormous drawback, one which was recently overcome on Xoom with a hack (google it)
For me netbook still wins with functionality.
On this point I need to buy one new and want OSX dual boot.. suggestions??

29th April, 2011 @ 12:21 pm by Glenn

Having now owned 2 tablet devices can I safely say that they fall into the toy category (i was dazzled by the shiny new toy ) whereas a laptop / netbook fall into the tool category. As someone who actually needs to be able to do some work on my portable device a netbook is fantastic, if I just want to view e-mails maybe send a short reply play simple games and watch youtube I’ll use my phone.

I’ve given up on the concept of tablet computers.

Oh, and the cover on the iPad2 just seems a strange way of getting back some of the netbook inherent design benefits i.e its stands up and protects the screen, doh !

netbooks… you know it make sense

7th May, 2011 @ 2:30 pm by JohnHop

@Glenn thanks for the reply. What your saying makes sense alright. Tablets seem to be for consumption and not “real” productivity. i.e watching youtube and apps stuff. Now I’ve never owned a tablet but thats the impression I get (stands corrected if I’m wrong).
Looking at a nb505 or s10-3 right now. ~$330 can’t go wrong with them can you?
Plus they both seem to be able to run OsX which will be my first thing to do.
Opinions on the ASUS transformer? I was/am extremely tempted.. but it’s just not a “full” OS really is it??
thanks ;)


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